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About Us

Connect4Training helps large corporations improve the performance of their human capital. Working typically with HR managers, training managers or purchasing directors, we help companies save time, money and hassle in finding, evaluating and choosing the best-fit training vendors for their needs.

How, exactly?

Our comprehensive search services scour the market for training vendors that match our clients' requirements. We deliver a short list of suitable candidates that are handpicked and assessed to be just right for that client.

We also offer web-based software that helps companies better manage their vendor information and get the most from vendor relationsips.

Connect4Training was founded in 1992 when President Tom Hawkett went searching for a supplier who could train his sales staff. What he found instead was a confusing sea of vendors and no good way to compare them, evaluate them or manage them. In response, he launched The Training Broker Inc., which then changed its name to Connect4Training in 1999.

Our Values

We embrace 4 key values.

  • Responsiveness
    We are quick to respond to all client requirements. You will always hear from us within 12 hours of sending a request. We will be able to save you 50-70% of the time that you typically spend sourcing and selecting a vendor.

  • Knowledge
    Knowledge forms the heart of any organization, but it must be well managed and shared to be of any use. Realizing this, we offer products and services geared to helping clients and vendors effectively create, store, access, use and share relevant information.

  • Resourcefulness
    Our vendor database contains 2,500 profiles and continues to grow. Even so, we are never content to limit our searches. We use all the resources and information at our disposal to conduct the widest possible search, and deliver the best results.

  • Objectivity
    We do not play favourites with the training vendors in our network. We guarantee our clients an objective evaluation of their needs and a search that selects vendors based strictly on best fit.


Connect4 Family

Connect4Training is part of a larger group of companies under the Connect4Growth umbrella. Other members of this corporate family are Connect4Consulting, Connect4Assessment and Connect4Coaching, all soon to be launched. Together, they offer a complete suite of services and products for an organization's human capital development.