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Connect4Training connects training suppliers, like you, with corporate clients who need your services.

Make sure you are considered for all our training opportunities by creating a vendor profile in the Connect4Training network. Our employees and our clients search this network daily looking for vendors who are a good match for their project-based training requirements.

We accept trainers and consultants on any and every topic. We also welcome suppliers using any delivery method, from traditional classroom-based instruction and e-learning to the latest blended approaches.

Why Create a Vendor Profile with Us?

  • Gain exposure to a large network of corporate training buyers
    Our clients are senior decision makers at Fortune 1000 companies from all across North America. When they come to us, they have money in hand and a training need to fill. By completing a profile, you get your name in front of this influential group that can often be hard to reach through other marketing methods.

  • Crack the preferred vendor list
    Many large corporations, looking to save themselves time and money, have a small list of preferred vendors they turn to time and again. As a supplier, it can be very difficult to get your name on this hallowed list. We won't lie - our clients usually have just such a preferred vendor list - but they also come to us because they want to keep the door open to new vendors. They use our vendor network, or our search services, to perform a wide scan of all suppliers to find the ones best matched to their needs. This means that, with a profile in our network, you are automatically on their radar screen for every training opportunity that comes up.

  • Avoid the dreaded RFP process
    Ever agonized for days or even weeks over a lengthy Request for Proposal response, only to have the contract awarded to someone else? As a Connect4Training vendor, you will rarely be asked to prepare an RFP to be considered for a training opportunity (only if a client specifically requests it). Instead, if the detailed profile you have in our network passes an initial match screening, you will be invited to submit a very brief and focused response to a Request For Information (RFI). Your response is generally no more than two pages and succinctly summarizes the key details our client is seeking.

  • It's free
    There is absolutely no charge for creating or maintaining a profile in the Connect4Training network. There is also no charge for being considered for an opportunity or submitting an RFI. The only fee you pay is a small commission to Connect4Training if you are successful in securing a contract through us.

  • Save marketing time and expense
    We know your business never stands still. Services evolve, new topics are launched, schedules are updated. Communicating these changes can get time-consuming and expensive when you contact potential clients one-by-one through mail, phone calls or other methods. By contrast, you can use our web site to update your Connect4Training vendor profile at any time. These changes then become immediately available to our entire client network. In just one step, you can communicate your freshest and most accurate information to many contacts.

  • Gain an experienced and supportive partner
    If you match a training requirement that comes up, we help you put your best foot forward. We work with you to establish contact with the prospective client and move towards closing the deal. During the contract period, we continue to lend support and help facilitate your relationship with the client.

If you supply training to corporate markets, why wouldn't you complete a profile? Start today to get free exposure to great training opportunities all across Canada and the United States.

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