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Important Profile Tips

When completing your vendor profile, keep these tips in mind.

Be complete and descriptive

We use multi-variable queries and keywords to search our vendor network. The more complete and descriptive your information, the quicker we'll be able to find and match you with the right opportunities.

Specify your abilities in other languages

Do you offer products or services in other languages besides English? In all text boxes, provide your answers in each of your languages. Separate each language by at least 2 blank lines and include the name of the language at the start of the paragraph.

Supply a Corporate Reference Code

If you were asked by a Connect4Training client to create a profile on our network, and you have their Corporate Reference Code, enter it when you create your profile.

Become part of a company's vendor group

If your firm already has a Connect4Training profile and one of your clients wants you to become part of their vendor group, please phone or email us with the client's Corporate Reference Code, the name of the client, and the person you talked to. We will make your existing profile accessible by the client.

Phone: 1-800-263-1311

You can print form pages

You can review the profile questions in hard copy by printing the pages. Just click the printer icon in your browser window. This allows you to jot down notes over time, then input the answers all at once at a later date.

Get input from colleagues

To get input on the questions from your colleagues, you can copy and paste the questions into an email.


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