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The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Do traditional online buyers' guides leave you out in the cold -- still searching for your training solutions? Most are merely online lists of sellers, with only company names, addresses and phone numbers. Today's savvy buyers of training, like you, need searchable, detailed vendor information for their decisions, and fast.

Traditionally, buyers' guides have come up short in helping buyers to:

  • Get enough information to accurately match what they need with vendors' offerings
  • Find prospective vendors that fit, from a long list of names
  • Build a community which gains from sharing experiences about the vendors they've used.

Introducing…The Ultimate Buyers Guide - UBG4 Training

UBG4 Training is the only enhanced buyers' guide tool that really works -- for buyers.




Deeper content on each vendor listed Effective: Make qualifying decisions with more high-value content With More "vendor intelligence", match vendors to your requirements easier and faster.
A powerful search engine to do multi-variable searches. Connective: Identify vendors faster and understand their market positioning. Target-in on your choices faster. Save time NOT having to wade through many vendors of low or no relevance.
Document and share feedback, stories or ratings pertaining to your experience(s) with an individual vendor. Interactive: Share knowledge with other training managers across this community. Be part of a growing community, sharing knowledge, best practices, and other valuable vendor knowledge.

You are invited to see UBG4 Training in action
This service is incredibly easy to use and will vastly improve your buying decisions. Let us prove it to you with this invitation to see all that it offers, for free.

Simply send us an email. We will forward to you a link and a log in to access the beta UBG4 Training. From there, begin exploring and experiencing the value that this service can bring to your company's own vendor search and selection processes.

So give it a try free for up to 60-days - Take just a minute to accept this offer by e-mail.
See for yourself how we've re-invented and improved the "buyers' guide".

Contact Connect4 Training
1-800-263-1311 or 416-402-3941 ext. 22 or or email us

What UBG Can Do

Want to see what UBG can do? Click Here for an Example

Ultimate Buyers Guide Screen Shot Tour

A Buyers Rant

What's wrong with traditional online buyers guides? Hear a frustrated buyer's rant. Click the play button below.