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Vendor Searches

Our team searches the market on your behalf to source best-fit solutions to match your requirements. Leverage off 14 years of experience and our network of over 2500 training vendors.

Finding and evaluating the right training vendors can be a daunting task. Our search services change all that by quickly presenting a short list of qualified vendors, handpicked to meet your specific requirements.

We're able to deliver these superb results thanks to our trademark Precision Vendor Matching (PVM) process. PVM has 4 key steps:

  1. Clarify criteria and requirements
  2. Perform a comprehensive market search
  3. Prepare an RFI with your specific requirements
  4. Present precision-matched results

Step 1: Ask and Listen

In order to deliver training vendors precisely matched to your needs, we first need to understand those needs in details. That's why our first step is always an in-depth conversation with you. We ask about your:

  • Business and people
  • Learning culture
  • Training wants and needs
  • Goals and desired outcomes
  • Budget
  • Timelines
  • Training audience
  • Training history

After this initial information gathering, we are often able to offer suggestions about possible training alternatives you may not have previously considered. Then, once the scope of the search has been set, we begin looking for vendors.

Step 2: Perform a Comprehensive Search

By this point, we have a very clear picture of the type of solution that will fit your requirements. Our search begins by turning to our network of more than 2,500 vendors across North America, and continues with a broader sweep of the market. From this deep pool of potential suppliers, we select a small number for further evaluation.

Step 3: Prepare an RFI

Now we write a Request for Information (RFI), which is a short description of your organization, your industry and your training requirements. Your identity remains confidential, however. We distribute this RFI to the list of vendors handpicked in Step 2.

Our RFI streamlines the onerous Request for Proposal process, saving both you and the vendors considerable time and effort.

Vendors who wish to respond need only submit a brief sketch of their proposed solution and how it matches your requirements. This ensures you aren't turning away companies who lack the time to write lengthy proposals, or who simply pass on the opportunity because they're skeptical of their chances to be considered.

Step 4: Present Precision-Matched Results

We collect the RFIs that vendors submit and use them to prepare a final focused comparative report. Depending on the level of search service you have requested, we carefully select 1 to 5 of the best vendor responses for this report.

From the profiles presented, you can quickly see how each vendor fits your organization and training needs. All that remains is for you to select one or more vendors from the report. We can then take care of setting up a meeting between you and the selected supplier.

We also provide objective advice to help you negotiate vendor contracts, and we continue to support you throughout the training delivery process.

We use the PVM process in all of our searches. Choose from 3 levels of service:


Vendor Search Services

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We use the PVM process in all of our searches. Choose from 3 levels of service:


We never reveal your identity or contact information to vendors until you have selected the ones you wish to evaluate.


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