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Service Levels

Connect4Training offers a variety of confidential search service levels to suit your needs. Whether yours is an immediate one-time need, or you want to "try us on for size" before considering a larger package of services, our services could be the perfect fit.

All you need to do is contact us, describe your project and vendor search needs, and our expert Advisors will suggest the best service option for you.

Express Search

With an Express, within 3-6 days, we will provide you with detailed information on 1 to 3 suitable vendors. Perfect already have one or two vendor choices and need a couple more, you are looking for a public course, or you need a coach or a facilitator.

Pricing for Express Search is up to $350 per search

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Premier Search

When your needs are more strategic, you have a large group of people requiring training, and only a comprehensive, customized search of the marketplace will do, this is your best choice. Our team spends 15-25 hours searching the market for you, evaluating vendors, and putting together a detailed report on our findings, profiling 3-5 handpicked vendor choices. Once you and your team have read our customized Comparative Report, you will how well each vendor might fit your needs. We help you make those important buying decisions quickly and accurately.

Pricing for Premier Search is $700 per search

View a sample Comparative Report

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Volume Search Packages

Very often, training is not a one-time need. With continuous human capital development on the mind of nearly every executive, training requirements in a large organization can be varied and ongoing. If you have several training searches to perform right now, or know that you will have many searches over the course of a year, a Connect4Training Volume Search Package can save you significant money and increase your search efficiency.

For $2500 annually, the Silver Package, gives you a combination of services, and saves you $2,000 compared to purchasing them individually. The Gold Package, for $6,000 annually, saves you more than $5,000.

Get both the Express and Premier searches in these packages. Also available is an Annual Training Analysis service (both Silver and Gold), and a VRM4 Training web based project tool for recording, tracking and sharing vendor information provided through our Express of Premier search services (Gold only).

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Getting started

To initiate a Premier Search, you can:

Register your organization for offers, events and more