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Features of VRM4 Training

Data Entry and Maintenance

  • Up to 90% of the data is entered and maintained by the vendors themselves or Connect4Training staff.
    • Saves you significant time and effort, allowing you to focus on other, more productive tasks

  • When vendors cold call you, simply send them to register in your "virtual filing cabinet."
    • Reduces the time you spend responding to calls and organizing information

  • You can rate vendors on their performance to create a historical record of your experience with them.
    • Quantifies a vendor's track record with you to make future evaluations and comparisons easier

  • You can add notes and comments to a vendor's file.
    • Creates a complete picture of your experience with a vendor

Data Sharing and Searching

  • Vendor profiles are stored in a central database.
    • Shares consistent information across your organization anywhere in the world

  • Vendor rankings from all users in YOUR organization are collected and tabulated.
    • Gives you an instant, quantifiable picture of your organization's experience with a vendor

  • Vendor rankings from all users at ALL MEMBER organizations are anonymously collected and tabulated.
    • Gives you an instant, quantifiable picture of a vendor's global reputation and performance

  • You can perform sophisticated searches for vendors based on multiple criteria.
    • Allows you to quickly find suitable vendors when training needs arise

Implementation and Delivery

  • It's delivered over the web. Updates are rolled out at no charge.
    • Ensures you're always up-to-date

  • You can set it up in less than 3 hours without involving the IT Department
    • Eliminates long, tedious installations that consume valuable resources

  • It's incredibly easy to use.
    • Starts delivering benefits right away with minimal user training

  • All data is securely encrypted. Only authorized users can view your corporate database.
    • Guarantees privacy and confidentiality

  • It's highly scalable.
    • Allows you to store unlimited amounts of information without ever needing an upgrade


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Free resources

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